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Calculated safety


A wide variety of forces can act on tanks. Not only snow loads, storms or earthquakes are risks, but also the tank contents themselves must be precisely calculated in order to exclude unforeseen problems as far as possible.

For example, if a customer orders a tank for an earthquake-prone area, GROSS must design the tank for the respective earthquake hazard level. The tanks are calculated statically precisely. However, for earthquake-proof statics, the main focus is not on the tank, but on stability.

The greatest weight is on the substructure, the standing frame with standing ring, or on the feet, because this is where most problems can arise during installation. Finite element analysis By using computer-aided finite element analyses, these load cases can be calculated during the design review.

Colour-coded problem zones make weak points immediately visible on 3D representations. Finally, the statics of the tanks can be checked:

1. static proof (stability proof)

2. verifiable statics (sworn structural engineer verifies the static measurements)